Mallorca 2017 Tour Report

Katey WheelhouseTour Report

Birthlight on tour arrived in Mallorca this summer, a wonderful week of mornings with sunrise yoga, days with motherhood yoga and evenings with circles and Thai massage.

Here two of our students write about their experience. The next tour stop is a retreat at Om Shanti near Barcelona in November.

“The Birthlight on Tour luxury retreat in Mallorca was like a Carlsberg advert – probably the best in the world! I’d never been to a yoga retreat before, but my experience excelled all my expectations.

I was a little apprehensive about travelling alone. I’m not used to it and have a terrible sense of direction! However, as soon as I found the lovely ladies outside Palma airport, all my nerves were put at ease. The taxis were organised and off we went on our adventure! We went to the beautiful village of Bonyola for lunch, then met Katey and Iyenka. Bonds were quickly established, more yogis started to arrive and we made our way to S’era Vella. With great excitement we were shown a grand tour, we picked our rooms and then settled in for the wonderful seven day retreat. This Mallorcan manor house is surrounded by beautiful mountains and ancient olive trees in an UNESCO world heritage site. It was a fantastic backdrop to Birthlight’s utterly professional and unique training! Katey’s attention to detail made the week flow so smoothly. We had hearty breakfasts, lunches and suppers, beautifully prepared with passion and love from the skilled chefs.

Mornings began with Katey’s yoga bells tinkling, a charming wake up call to yoga practise with Micha Merrick. This talented lady eased us into our day with graceful movements, openness of heart and a magical dovetailing each day, complementing Sally’s teachings. The daily lineage of tantric hatha yoga was a harmonious practise. With Micha, this flowed with gentle and uplifting movements, totally suitable for both pregnant and non-pregnant students.

Then, our Birthlight yoga for pregnancy began. Sally Lomas unfolded a wealth of information at a gentle pace with the adaptations of classical yoga practises, for women ranging from pre-conception to nine months after childbirth. The physical and emotional nurturing of pregnant women was key to our special training, contemplating a positive approach to labour and birth with a calm and confident state of mind, body and soul. Sally preppered our training with ‘golden nuggets’ which were invaluable to our teaching points, ie. Mother the mother. I could listen to Sally for hours, she is truly accomplished with a wealth of positive, interesting information for nurturing mother and baby. Her structure of teaching is both energising and fulfilling. For me, it was like watching a good choreographed dance unfold in front of my eyes. I was even given the amazing option to tick something off my bucket list – teaching pregnant Aqua Natal yoga in the stunning outdoor avocado shaped pool, which was quite an experience for me as I have only taught in indoor pools. I definitely want to experience that again.

The days progressed, bonding with my lovely companions on this journey. Evenings were rolled out with Thai massage, women’s circle, Postnatal massage and visiting mums and babies who were kind enough to let us practise with them. I can honestly say my fellow students gave their love, honesty and laughter freely. I felt such love from this band of women. I do hope our paths cross in the future. Thank you Birthlight once more for this unique opportunity! ”Gill

“My interest in joining the Birthlight program on a weekly basis wasn’t possible due to my own work and teaching schedule. Then the opportunity to attend a week long Birthlight on Tour training came by and I signed up. This particular one was held on Mallorca.

I am so grateful to the team (and to myself for taking the time out to do this) as the program exceeded my expectations by far. The professional, knowledgeable, committed, warm and wonderful teachers, the content of the program, the setting, the food, it was a true Gift on all levels!

To spend a week amongst women of different nationalities, different backgrounds, ages and stages in life helped me in a profound way, to reconnect with my own femininity and softness thereby inspiring me while I guide others in pregnancy yoga and ‘normal’ yoga.

It was the perfect combination of learning, developing, exploring, enjoying, relaxing on so many