Bangkok tour report

What  a pleasure to offer our new motherhood yoga on tour in Bangkok. The venue was at a music school which has a lovely sunshine filled yoga studio. It was also exciting when the downpours of the rainy season arrived!

We moved through the teaching areas of pregnancy, birth, postnatal and baby yoga mixed with nurturing thai massage and our own yoga practice.

The course is a wonderful introduction to the birthlight philosophy and techniques or if you are already a birthlight teacher to refresh and expand your knowledge. So many students are now looking to book on other courses.

Thank you for the hospitality of Jaa and her family (she and her mum attended the course) and to all the students for their interest and creativity. We have been invited back next year.

“It’s been such a great experience for all of us. Some had been training for pre and postnatal before but birthlight style is different and Sally just perfect in every way. We all love her. Baby yoga is very new and no one had any experience it before. More than half of us will probably open the classes right away including me.

Thank you so much for such a great experience and I personally think we can help more women to have a better experience toward pregnancy.”Jaa